On Repeat

Aeroplanes + Astronauts, by local Westport musician Canyon.



This week I will be visiting our new neighbors and close cousin, Terrain, as they prepare to open their second location just down the road from us in good ol’ Westport, Connecticut.

Let me just tell you something…there is  nothing more inspiring than a room, no, a building full of creative individuals coming together from all over the country just to create something beautiful and unique, a true escape from reality.  Our oldest and farthest-travelled guests are the windows and trees pictured below.  The windows come to Westport from Philadelphia’s famed Navy Yard, the country’s first Navy Yard, which dates back all the way to 1776. (The Navy Yard, presently decommissioned, now houses Urban’s corporate headquarters.) While the trees join us from southern California, which they departed from over two weeks ago.

Wow, right?

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