Accessories I’m head over heels for in the latest issue of Lucky: stacked bangles, striped clutch, and faux-collar necklaces.

And lucky for me (and you, if you’re digging what I’m digging), faux-collar necklaces are just a short snip, clip, and embellishment away. Check out a great DIY tutorial on Refinery 29.

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Think It…

…don’t say it.

Fuck Off bracelets, on Etsy by  screwords.

Don’t Be Such a Square

…but definitely wear one*.

*brass geometric ring on Etsy via Soo An, Cyclical Industry

Not Your Mama’s Headbands

They come with spikes. They come with jewels. And shoot, some of them even come with feathers. Urban offers quite the range of headbands, none of which (I’m guessing) your mom decked you out in for your oh so embarrassing, first grade photos.

So how are kids theses days (and by kids I mean you, me, and all those stylin’ customers walking through our doors) sporting these fancy things?

Check out All Women Stalk’s 7 Ways To Wear a Headband Now and get that hair out of your face young lady! Tsk, tsk!

(Got any great shots of you wearing one of our head pieces?  Send it on over! I wanna see and share!)

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