This week I will be visiting our new neighbors and close cousin, Terrain, as they prepare to open their second location just down the road from us in good ol’ Westport, Connecticut.

Let me just tell you something…there is  nothing more inspiring than a room, no, a building full of creative individuals coming together from all over the country just to create something beautiful and unique, a true escape from reality.  Our oldest and farthest-travelled guests are the windows and trees pictured below.  The windows come to Westport from Philadelphia’s famed Navy Yard, the country’s first Navy Yard, which dates back all the way to 1776. (The Navy Yard, presently decommissioned, now houses Urban’s corporate headquarters.) While the trees join us from southern California, which they departed from over two weeks ago.

Wow, right?


Don’t Be Such a Square

…but definitely wear one*.

*brass geometric ring on Etsy via Soo An, Cyclical Industry

Lets Hear It For the Boys…

…and their printed socks.

According the The Urban Gent, first grade girls aren’t the only ones sporting printed socks.  With beefed up prints with a bit more bite today’s Urban Gentleman is heating up his fashion sense and his ankles.

Give Peace a Chance…

… and dip dye hair, while your at it.


Is it just me or is our store reeking (in a totally rad way, of course) of everyone’s favorite celebrity-studded music festival Coachella?

Flipping through outfit montage after outfit montage I’m spotting everything we’re sporting…color denim

 …and I can not wait to bring this eclectic, yet effortless style to our main stage.

I Spy…

…loud, quirky, bold, and colorful patterns in the latest issue of Glamour.

And you have probably spied them in our store and online.

It’s a trend that people are talking about and soon to be wearing.

So get loud (and that may be the only time I ever say that to you,) but always be bold!

You Stud.

You’ve seen one chambray, you’ve seen them all, right?

Well, that’s what I thought too until Geneva over at one of my favorite DIY/fashion blogs, A Pair & A Spare posted a little tutorial on mixing (and rockin’) up your everyday chambray with a few simple studs.

You see, one of the reasons why I’m so head over heels with Urban is their affordability and accessibility to trends. This little passion of mine pairs perfectly with Geneva’s spin on runway fashions, over priced products, and spot-on trends.  Make it your own and make it yourself.

Are you sporting any DIY threads? Send me some pictures, some directions, and let’s make Martha* jealous.

*Martha, as in Martha Stewart – crafting icon, home decor mogul, insider trading aficionado. Ring a bell? No? Huh.

Not Your Mama’s Headbands

They come with spikes. They come with jewels. And shoot, some of them even come with feathers. Urban offers quite the range of headbands, none of which (I’m guessing) your mom decked you out in for your oh so embarrassing, first grade photos.

So how are kids theses days (and by kids I mean you, me, and all those stylin’ customers walking through our doors) sporting these fancy things?

Check out All Women Stalk’s 7 Ways To Wear a Headband Now and get that hair out of your face young lady! Tsk, tsk!

(Got any great shots of you wearing one of our head pieces?  Send it on over! I wanna see and share!)

Instagram’ing It Up

There’s an app for that, but you knew that. I saw you snapping a photo of that lil’ ensemble you put together and sharing it with all your friends, but did you know Urban Outfitters has one too?

Scratch that…did you know Urban AND our district has an instagram account?

Get sneak peaks from the catalog, get a glimpse into home office, and check out all the product that we are pushing and loving from their phone to yours with urban_outfitters.

And  check out the world of Urban Outfitters through the wandering eyes of the NYC region (hey, thats us!) with uonewyork.

Want to share what you’re up to, inspired by, and checking out in your day to day life? Leave your instagram username in the comments and lets start sharing and inspiring the Urban in all of us.

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