Ashley Madekwe of my latest obsession Revenge and just as equally stellar fashion blog, Ring My Bell, in a cute lil’ number that can easily be replicated in our store.


Accessories I’m head over heels for in the latest issue of Lucky: stacked bangles, striped clutch, and faux-collar necklaces.

And lucky for me (and you, if you’re digging what I’m digging), faux-collar necklaces are just a short snip, clip, and embellishment away. Check out a great DIY tutorial on Refinery 29.

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Met Gala 2012

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…swoon-worthy photos via Huffington Post.

Who topped your best dressed list?

Carey tops mine, but then again, I have a soft spot for spunky blondes.



Our Suzie Creamcheese (aka Katie S.) knows its all in the details: sweater sleeves, vintage buttons, pleats, and slouchy boots.

On Repeat

Aeroplanes + Astronauts, by local Westport musician Canyon.

All Day

We’re not the only ones who think you’ve been doing a great job, Ryan does too.

via, UrbanRyanGosling.

Style Profile: Steven

Steven, Men’s Team Lead

What are you loving about your job at Urban?

            Right now I’m loving my new Westport family. I transferred from the Greenwich store to work here in Westport. So far my favorite thing has been all of the new people I get to spend my days with! Working with a new crop of managers and associates here has definitely brought on a new sense of excitement and innovation.


What are you up to when you’re not at the store?

            When I’m not at the store you can find me nose deep in a textbook. Along with working at Urban I’m also a full-time student. Its not all about work though, I LOVE exercising. Some may consider that work but it’s my escape from reality. I live near the water so one of my favorite things about summer is hitting the road for a run to the beach. A little fresh air and exercise, what’s better than that?! Don’t get me wrong though, those rainy days inside playing Xbox and watching movies are just as fun!


How would you describe your personal style?

            My style is really simplistic which definitely matches my personality. I always want to be comfortable no matter where I am or where I’m going. Right now I’m really into old-school sports logo and I’m pumped that Urban is putting out a series of classic MLB-logo graphic tees. In the summer one of my favorite styles is a button up and a pair of shorts. If you get the right colors together something so simple can really make a statement. I like to keep it simple but sometimes a crazy pattern will catch my eye and I’ll step out of my comfort zone to spice things up.


Who are your style icons (and why?)

            I’m a HUGE sports fan. The thing with sports is that your favorite athletes are always seen in uniforms. One of my fashion interests ties into sports as I’m always curious to see how some of my favorite players dress when off the court.

Amare Stoudemire New York Knicks
• Printed button up
• Solid cardigan
• Khaki pants

James Harden Oklahoma City Thunder
Gingham button up
• Patterned backpack
• Color pop headphones

Stevie Johnson Buffalo Bills
• Bright skinny jeans
• Denim jacket
• Graphic tee
• Snapback hat

Darelle Revis New York Jets
• Graphic crew neck
• Skinny khakis
• Readers
• Snapback hat

What 3 things in your closet can you not live without?

            I have this old fleece that used to belong to my grandfather; I live in this thing. It’s easily part of my favorite rainy day attire, not only is it super comfortable but brings back some cherished memories.

            A pair of Levi’s 511 khaki-colored jeans. These are hands the most comfortable pair of pants I own; I wear these numerous times a week. Gross, I know!

            I adore my slippers. Rain or shine; hot or cold; if I’m at home, I’m in these slippers. At this point, all the fuzzy lining has worn down to nothing more than a hard rubber sole but does that bother me? Of course not! Someone’s going to have to pry these off my feet before I ever give them up.


Besides Urban, where do you shop?

            Other than Urban, I shop at places like H&M and Karmaloop. I’m not a huge online shopper because I hate making returns and would much rather take the time to cry it on once than have to come back again to return it. I also like to support some of the local clothing brands in my town like MintCity and Dertbag.

What is on your playlist?

  1. When We’re Done – XV
  2. Can’t Stop – Red Hot Chili Peppers
  3. Talk Shows on Mute – Incubus
  4. The Message – Nas
  5. American Girl – Tom Petty
  6. Can I Fly – B.o.B 

What is in your online shopping bag? 

  1. Tropicalla Americana Short
  2. Nike Air Max 90
  3. MLB St. Louis Cardinal Tee
  4. Hawkings McGill Short-Sleeved Latiejara Gingham Shirt
  5. Shepard Fairey X Incase iPhone Case

From THE Blog – DIY Dip Dye


Shorts, tanks, and pants – there is nothing that’s not showing up dip-dyed this season and thanks to Ashley and Cathleen from the UO design team, you can DIY Dip Dye any  shorts, tanks, and pants that happen to show up in your closet.

Leftover Luxuries

This weekend is your last chance to score vintage, designer duds (accessories, handbags, shoes, and clothing)  at the ever expanding Leftover Luxuries sale going on now (until May 6th) at 134 Delancey in New York’s Lower East Side.

Leftover Luxuries isn’t a tag sale and it’s not an auction house either, it is a finely edited collection of new and like-new lavish goods from apparel to art work, Leftover Luxuries has more than a little bit of everything for everyone.

Can’t make it to the big apple? No worries, looks like they will be setting up shop in Westport later this month!  Find out more about contributing to the shop here.

Never Grow Out of Style

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